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The Archaeological Museum of Kythera Opens its Doors

The Archeological Museum of Kythera will open its doors on May 7, revealing its complete renovation and contemporary exhibition after a long period of nine years. The opening of the museum will be hosted by the Minister of Culture and Athletics, Aristeidis Mpaltas.

Located in Chora, Kythera, the Museum hopes to become the medium that connects the visitor with the archaeological sites of the Kythera and Antikythera. The exhibition shows antiquities from both islands which cover a chronological era from 5,000 B.C to 3rd century A.C. The exhibition features the cultural identity of both islands, showing how it was shaped thanks to their geographical location in the crossroad of seas in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The exhibition design follows the standards of contemporary museum aesthetics while serving the educational and recreational role of the museum with rich audiovisual material. For the child visitors and their families, an “educational back-pack” is given, which turns the tour into a fascinating, fun and educational journey.

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