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Is Kythira the perfect Greek island?

Andrew Bostock has spent much of his life living in and writing guidebooks on Greece but in Kythira – with its gorges, waterfalls and perfect beaches – he’s finally found the idyll he has always dreamed of. In my 30-year hunt to find the perfect Greek island, I’ve visited around 40 of them – but […]

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The Archaeological Museum of Kythera Opens its Doors

The Archeological Museum of Kythera will open its doors on May 7, revealing its complete renovation and contemporary exhibition after a long period of nine years. The opening of the museum will be hosted by the Minister of Culture and Athletics, Aristeidis Mpaltas. Located in Chora, Kythera, the Museum hopes to become the medium that […]

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From Kythera to Crete on a Raft

“First Mariners” may not be the first navigators but they are a quite adventurous group determined to recreate man’s first sailing trips by raft. They built a raft out of reeds and they will sail from the island of Kythera to Crete in order to recreate the first sailing journey in the area that led to the first […]

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