Kythira Archaeological Museum

The museum houses some of the most important finds from excavations on Kythira and the neighboring islet of Antikythera dating back to 8500 BC through to the 3rd century AD. Centerpieces of the display include Minoan-era and Mycenaean period pottery and stone utensils from Paleopolis, the archaic Lion of Kythira, marble sculptures, ceramics, inscriptions, coins and a Roman period marble head of a youth.

Collection of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art

The collection is housed in the Post-Byzantine church of the Ascension at Livadi, which was ceded by the Diocese of Kythera. It contains characteristic examples of the artistic production of the island, ranging from the Early Christian to the Post-Byzantine period: wall paintings and a floor mosaic detached from churches, portable icons, and a few items of silverwork, metalwork and pottery.