Kythera is the ideal place for the fortress fans. Visit Chora, Kato Chora, Paleochora and Avlemonas

The fortress of Chora

The best preserved castle on the island.  It was erected in the 13th century by the Veniers but it is very likely that it was built on the ruins of an old fort.  It was restored in 1503 by the Venetians.  The castle includes the churches of Panagia Myrtidiotissa, Panagia Orfani, Pantokrator and Agios Ioannis.  Also to be found here is the Historical Archive of Kythera located in the palace (the building that served as headquarters) as well as some nobleman houses. The view from the top is gorgeous.

Kato Chora

Kato Chora is a Venetian fortification that was built in 1565.  Inside is an area with several houses as well as churches adorned with Byzantine frescoes.  Atop the entrance of the castle you will note the Lion of St. Marc, symbol of the Venetian Republic, also known as the “Serenissima”.


The Byzantine capital of the island was built in the 13th century.  Its former name was Agios Dimitrios and consisted of a fort built inside the cliff of Kakia Lagkada, with a single access point from the southwest.


West of the gulf of Avlemonas is a Venetian fortress called Castello, the fortified castle of Agios Frangiskos.  It was erected in 18th century by the Venetians in order to control the island and protect it from foreign invasions.